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Domain History of clanfergusonsociety.co.uk

By Liz B. Gatsby

About Clan Fergus(s)on Society

This website contains resources for finding out about Fergusons, Fergussons, and many other related septs. It also features the family logo of the Fergusons in Scotland and the Gaelic for Ferguson which is MacFhearghuis. The website also has a member log-in section where guests can log in for free. Access to much of the site is free, as is basic membership, though registration is highly recommended and appreciated. Visit Divorce Lawyer News for more related articles.

The website’s home page also explains why registration is important and it is because

registration has become an integral part of many websites to enable control over access to the data that they contain and to minimize the automatic harvesting of information. Registration to the Clan Fergus(s)on Society gives free membership and enables access to additional menu options including more Clan Articles and the forthcoming Fergus(s)on Graves of Scotland Project.

The website’s homepage also discusses the “Full Society Membership.”

To access the forum and the genealogy tools, you need to become a full member. For a very small annual fee, as a full member of the Clan Fergus(s)on Society, you’ll enjoy full access to the website and also to all areas of the active Clan.  You’ll be helping to keep alive the great traditions of the Society that go back to its inception in 1891, and you’ll help take the Society forward to the future generations.

The Clan Fergus(s)on Society is non-profit making.  All surplus funds are used for philanthropy.

Services offered at clanferguson.org

Upon the landing page, the website features recent news that highlights the clan members, from dates of Clan homecoming to changes in venues.

The website offers a Clan Forum page where members of the clan can discuss and interact with their relatives no matter how far they are and how far their bloodlines have reached.

The website also has a Clan Genealogy page in which the Fergusons can trace back their ancestors and see which lineage they come from.

The Clan Ferguson website also offers a Newsletters Page where some newsletters from 2011 onwards featured a family member.

It also offers a DNA research page where they defined the goals of the research which are:

To use DNA as a tool to supplement conventional genealogy. The comparisons made with other participants are very strong at showing how two people are unrelated, providing them a means of discovering errors.

To create a database of DNA corresponding to different Scottish and Irish subdivisions such as those discussed in Records of the Clan and Name of Fergusson, Ferguson, and Fergus, by James Ferguson and Robert Menzies Fergusson, Edinburgh, 1895.

To see if a linkage can be established between Irish and Scottish Fergus(s)on. Due to a lack of records, the Fergusons of Irish descent are generally unable to demonstrate that their ancestors emigrated from Scotland to Ireland as is generally assumed.

To develop a means for African American Fergus(s)on to pursue their genetic ancestry.

To support autosomal aDNA testing for persons with a Fergus(s)on in their pedigree at five generations or less.

And to provide a gateway to ordering a mitochondrial mtDNA test for persons with a female Fergus(s)on in their direct maternal line.

On this page, the website also offers a link to where the user can participate in the DNA research.

The website also offers links on where to get Clan Fergus(s)on merchandise and products.

Indicated on the site are the following links:

ScotClans -a website dedicated to Scottish Clans, Scottish Tartans, and historical information.

They provided the code “Ferg 09″ when checking out to get a 5% discount. 


Clan Ferguson New Zealand – Clann Fhearghuis  


Clan Fergus(s)on Society of North America  


Fergus(s)on DNA Project and


History of Clan Ferguson

The website features a brief description of the history of the different clans of the Fergusons. Examples of which are the Fergussons of Kilkerran and The House of Fergusson of Kilkerran in Ayrshire.

While historically there have been several branches of the Clan, each with its head, the Chief of the Kilkerran Fergussons has been recognized by the Lord Lyon of Scotland since the early 18th century as the Chief of all the Fergus(s)on.

Clan Fergus(s)on is a Scottish clan.  Known as the Sons of Fergus they have spread across Scotland from as far as Ross-shire in the north to Dumfriesshire in the south.

The name Fergusson, or Ferguson, and its history originates in Antrim in north-eastern Ireland, extending to the shores of Dalriada.

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